Wednesday 28 February 2018

Why Dream Teams are so important in Companies today

Companies face today tremendous business challenges and they need to be successful on atypical markets, where business opportunities have very different patterns compared with the ones we found just a few years ago. To be a winner in this new and global environment companies must move correctly in new scenarios where change, high risk, zero tolerance, flexibility, and immediate actions on business arenas are a must. These attributes must be deeply internalize on their culture, strategy, business processes and people.
Companies must react to this new business paradigm being mostly concerned with creating a NEW EXCELLENCE ATTITUDE in people – the most valuable strategic asset in corporations, working their POTENTIAL with direct impact on their performance. This work must be done with individuals and teams. Companies trained their employers to be efficient but today this is not enough: they must be extraordinary! Happiness at work is no more a social or a moral issue: it's a business issue! Companies with motivated and happy employers focused on clear and shared goals, with innovative and creative opportunities to work, and with the ability to create and manage high functionality teams are companies that know how to win on these new atypical markets to get a business sustainable strategic position.
More then ever, the development of high functionality teams (Dream Teams) will make the difference on companies business results - I'm talking about top and meddle management teams, sales & marketing teams, finance teams, project teams, production or development teams, etc. Independently of the kind of the team, the most important thing is the ability to work and change the individual and team ATTITUDE
The change of this new attitude must be supported by a high transformative working process - from "I" to "US" - where mentoring, coaching and NLP programs, designed over proven models and methodologies, have a tremendous importance on the global results.

The Dream Team

Dream Teams are high performance and flexible trained teams that make the difference inside any company and under any kind of situation. They have a common attitude of excellence and the ability to perform the most highest results. They WANT and they BELIEVE on their mission! They are trained to win, to reach higher, to be focused on common goals, to use accountability between colleagues, to be committed with the team decisions and directions, to discuss hard issues with open and constructive mind-sets and to trust each other. They are fast, they move with flexibility, they are always adapted to new changes, and they have a common positive attitude.
Each element has a strong self-esteem, self-trust, and has no doubt about his important positions inside the group. Dream Teams have no fences, subgroups, individual goals or individual stars. The responsibility is assumed by all the elements, independent the victory or defeat.
The development of Dream Teams inside organizations, using a new attitude and mind-set approach, is an important way to respond to the tremendous business challenges that most companies face today.

Tuesday 27 February 2018

The two main pillars to Success

Attitude and hard work is a must

I’ve worked during the last 15 years with many people with a common purpose: to boost their potential and become better individuals inside organizations and also “inside their lives”. Working with so many different people, with so many different challenges and under so different circumstances allowed me to find a common pattern for those who want to achieve their success: their attitude and their ability to work hardIf one wants to leave some kind of mark in this world, some kind of mastery legacy at any kind of professional or non-professional area, then ATTITUDE and HARD WORK is a must!

Foster a “make things happen” attitude

The attitude is the first pillar to create and sustain success, and I’m talking about a “make things happen” attitude. This is the attitude that makes all the difference from those who are extraordinary (those who make things happening) and those who follow them (the ones who see things happening). The first ones put action over their decisions commitments. The second ones postpone their actions even they are related with fantastic projects… And nothing happens!  Knowledge is to know what do; ability is to know how to do it; and virtue is to do it!
This powerful attitude starts with a clear and a very strong self-internalization of our passion, of our mission, of our biggest purpose, of our deepest WHY. Why am I going to work? Why am I doing this project? Why am I moving in this direction? Why must I take decisions to drive my live? Why am I living for? In fact all of our WHY answers must be aligned with our passion, with our purpose and with our mission. People who live their passion with a sense of purpose, with a clear strategy, with a strong set of powerful believes and values, and with an endless energy to follow their cause are people who really make the difference in this world. They are the Nelson Mandelas, Mother Theresas, Martin Luther Kings, Einsteins, Picassos, Cristiano Ronaldos, Mahatma Gandhis, José Mourinhos… They are all the ones who adopt this attitude of mastery as a way of life… including you! As Zig Ziglar said: “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

Work with passion

The second pillar is the ability to work very hard to achieve the “never reachable perfection”. Robin Sharma talks about 10,000 hours of work over 10 years to one become a master is any area, without quitting, having a better performance every day and always surrounded with others who also want to become better. The “10% of inspiration and 90% of transpiration” rule makes all the difference. So do it! Never quit! Believe in yourself! Believe that you can! And work, work, work… And if you do it with passion, with purpose, with a sense that somehow you are contributing for a better world then you do it with pleasure and happiness. Remember that mastery has nothing to do with genetic. People can unconsciously develop some skills during life, as some aptitudes… But in fact is the hard work that creates and develops the real ones, the ones where energy is always focused. As Tony Robbins said: “Where focus goes energy flows”. Or in another way, using this blog motto: “Success is a ladder than cannot be climbed with your hands in your pocket”.

So put your excellence attitude together with your hard work and you’ll find a tremendous inner force that moves you toward success. Enjoy the journey and live your life purpose and passion. What’s to stop you?